811 Virtual Reality

Educating the public about 811 can be challenging because they cannot see the underground facilities we are all trying to protect.

To overcome this challenge, CGA worked in partnership with leading experiential marketing company Brightline Interactive to produce the 811 Virtual Reality (VR) Experience.

This custom-built software uses leading VR technology HTC Vive to allow people to enter a virtual world where they can see underground facilities that run under their virtual front yard.

During the experience, users will wear the HTC Vive mask and headphones and have 81.1 seconds to call 811, wait for the marks and then dig with care (using hand controllers), as they place up to 10 unique landscaping and yard improvement items in their virtual front yard.

Upon completing the experience, users will take a short survey on a tablet to measure their previous awareness of 811 and likelihood to use 811 in the future, among other areas of study. Upon completion of the survey, users will receive an email with links to easily share an image of their virtual front yard on Facebook and Twitter.

Request the 811 VR Experience at Your Event

CGA’s investment in this leading technology is available to CGA sponsors for a flat fee of $811.00 for shipping plus $100.00 per day for any use beyond three days, based on availability.

To request the 811 VR Experience for your event, please click here.

The VR Experience Rental is available to CGA Corporate Members, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Sponsors in good standing.

CGA will review all requests and reserves the right to approve or deny all requests for any reason, including but not limited to scheduling conflicts, routine repair that may take the 811 VR Experience temporarily out of service or concerns about a proposed venue.

Request Now


Contact CGA at 811@commongroundalliance.com (link sends e-mail) and mention Virtual Reality in the subject line.

IT Support

To assist members in using the 811 VR Experience, CGA has created a suite of toolkit materials to use before, during and after event activations.


CGA has secured IT support to assist users during set up and with any problems they may encounter during the execution of an event with the 811 VR Experience. CGA will provide this information to confirmed event managers prior to shipment of the equipment.


CGA will send you specific instructions regarding where (and by when) to send the VR equipment after your event is complete. CGA will provide you with shipping labels via email to make the process as easy as possible.

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