When CGA started in 2001, the majority of locate requests were communicated to one call centers by phone. Today, many states process the majority of these requests via Internet request platforms, expediting the process for excavators and the locate technicians who mark the approximate location of buried facilities.

Technological breakthroughs haven’t stopped there. Whether it’s ticket management systems, locating equipment, excavating equipment or subsurface utility engineering, technology is at the forefront of all stakeholders’ desire to reduce utility damages and near misses.

The CGA Technology program reviews new technologies from all parts of the damage prevention industry and reports on its findings to the full CGA membership.


As part of our technology program, the CGA welcomes presentations to the Technology committee.  Recent presentations are included for member reference.  To submit an official request to the Technology committee, please send an email request.

Technology Survey

The Technology Committee is collecting information from stakeholders on improvements to technology or practices that could reduce the frequency and severity of incidents caused by excavation damage.

Technology Events