Best Practices Manual

The Best Practices Committee developed the following guide based on the Common Ground Study, which includes the primary section with Practice Statements and Descriptions as well as Appendices A through D. The verbatim restatement of all ancillary material contained in the original Study is available on the CGA Web site and is intended as an historical reference point for those persons interested in a more detailed background of the Best Practices.

The stakeholders involved with the original CGS never intended that the Best Practices would constitute a static model. Rather, they intended it to be a working document that would evolve over time as more was learned and as technology advanced. In addition, the CGA anticipated that there likely would be additional best practices developed by the interested participants. As best practices are added or amended, the changes are reflected in subsequent versions, numbered sequentially. By this means we hope to provide a continuum that will permit the stakeholders in underground safety and utility damage prevention as well as the public to see the course of development over time.


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