9.6 A Standardized Form Is Adopted

One Call Center Facility Owner Excavator Locator Project Owner Designer

Practice Statement:

A standardized form which includes the mandatory DIRT fields is adopted and distributed to all facility owners/operators, locators, excavators, and other appropriate stakeholders. (Refer to Appendix C for an example form) 1


  • API/AOPL Voluntary Accident Tracking Initiative
  • Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control/Call Before You Dig, Inc.
  • Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy
  • NC811 DIRT Lite Form
  • PA PDD (PA Damage Database)
  • New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission
  • Tennessee One Call System, Inc.
  • United States Department of Transportation, Office of Pipeline Safety
  • Virginia State Corporation Commission
  • 1. TR-2010-02: Wording approved by CGA Board on June 19, 2014