Board of Directors

The Common Ground Alliance is managed by the association's Board of Directors. Currently, the Board consists of stakeholder directors and at-large directors. The stakeholder directors each represent one of the sixteen CGA stakeholder categories. The Directors are appointed through a process managed by the Board’s Governance Committee.   

The Board is charged with strategic oversight of the organization including aligning the CGA's mission and vision with committee and staff directives. 

CGA Mission (Purpose of the CGA)

Provide clear and tangible value to our stakeholders by helping to reduce damages to North America’s underground infrastructure. The CGA works cooperatively, fostering a sense of shared responsibility to enhance safety and protect underground facilities by:

  • Identifying and disseminating the stakeholder best practices;
  • Developing and conducting public awareness and education programs;
  • Sharing and disseminating damage prevention tools and technology; and   
  • Serving as the premier resource for damage and one call center data collection, analysis and dissemination.

CGA Vision (Desired future state CGA is working to create)

CGA is making significant, measurable progress in creating a damage prevention culture across North America…on every site, every day. Calling before digging is the norm, with all underground utilities identifiable and accurately mapped. Data is used to systematically address root cause issues and shows a trend of declining numbers of incidents.